Bedding Plants

Bedding PlantsBedding Plants have already been grown to blooming or near-blooming size before being planted out in a usually formal area for seasonal display of colorful flowers or foliage. Sunnyfield carries a large assortment of colorful arrangements, perfect for your flower or vegetable garden.

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Genus/SpeciesCultivarCommon Name
ZinniaZowie Yellow FlameZinnia
ZinniaZahara XL YellowZinnia
ZinniaZahara Starlight RoseZinnia
ZinniaZahara RedZinnia
ZinniaZahara RaspberryZinnia
ZinniaZahara Double Raspberry RippleZinnia
ZinniaZahara Double FireZinnia
ZinniaZahara CherryZinnia
AlyssumWonderland WhiteSweet Allysum
AlyssumWonderland MixSweet Allysum
ColeusWizard MixtureShade Coleus
ColeusWizard MixtureColeus
NasturtiumWhirlybird MixNasturtium
Salvia farinaceaVictoria WhiteMealy-Cup Sage
Salvia farinaceaVictoria BlueMealy-Cup Sage
Amaranthus cruentusVelvet CurtainsPrince's Flower
MarigoldVanillaAfrican Marigold
ZinniaUproar RoseZinnia
SnapdragonTwinny PeachSnapdragon
SnapdragonTwinny MixSnapdragon
AmaranthusTricolorJoseph's Coat
AmaranthusTower GreenPigweed
TithoniaTorch RedMexican Sunflower
PetuniaTidal Wave SilverWave Petunia
PetuniaTidal Wave CherryWave Petunia
ZinniaThumbelina MixZinnia
DianthusTelestar Purple PicoteeDianthus
DianthusTelestar MixDianthus
DianthusTelestar CrimsonDianthus
VincaTattoo TangerinePeriwinkle
VincaTattoo RaspberryPeriwinkle
VincaTattoo PapayaPeriwinkle
VincaTattoo BlueberryPeriwinkle
VincaTattoo Black CherryVinca
MarigoldTaishan YellowAfrican Marigold
MarigoldTaishan OrangeAfrican Marigold
MarigoldTaishan GoldAfrican Marigold
MarigoldSuper Hero Mix MaxiMarigold
PortulacaSundial MixMoss Rose
Celosia spictataSunday MixCockscomb
SalviaSummer Jewel WhiteSalvia
SalviaSummer Jewel PinkSalvia
GomphrenaStrawberry Fields Globe Amaranth
MarigoldStrawberry Blonde French Marigold
ZinniaState Fair MixZinnia
Nicotiana StarmakerDeep PurpleFlowering Tobacco
Nicotiana Starmaker RedFlowering Tobacco
PansySpring Matrix YellowPansy
PansySpring Matrix WhitePansy
PansySpring Matrix SangriaPansy
PansySpring Matrix Pink ShadesPansy
PansySpring Matrix OceanPansy
PansySpring Matrix Mix TricolorPansy
PansySpring Matrix MixPansy
PansySpring Matrix Midnight GlowPansy
PansySpring Matrix Blotch MixPansy
PansySpring Matric PurplePansy
HypoestesSplash Select MixPolka Dot Plant
CleomeSparkler LavenderSpider Flower
CleomeSparkler BlushSpider Flower
ViolaSorbet XP Mix Jump UpViola
ViolaSorbet Sorbet XP Spring SelectViola
CosmosSonata WhiteCosmos
CosmosSonata Red ShadesCosmos
CosmosSonata Pink BlushCosmos
CosmosSonata MixCosmos
Calendula Solar Flashback MixPot Marigold
Chrysanthemum paludosumSnowlandWhite Buttons
AlyssumSnow CrystalsSweet Allysum
Eucalyptus cinereaSilverdropEucalyptus cinerea
Dusty MillerSilver DustDusty Miller
Asclepsias curassavicaSilky Deep Red
CosmosSensation MixCosmos
Begonia, FibrousSenator WhiteBegonia
Begonia, FibrousSenator ScarletBegonia
Begonia, FibrousSenator RoseBegonia
Begonia, FibrousSenator PinkBegonia
Begonia, FibrousSenator Deep RoseBegonia
MarigoldSafari Yellow FireFrench Marigold
MarigoldSafari YellowFrench Marigold
MarigoldSafari ScarletFrench Marigold
MarigoldSafari RedFrench Marigold
MarigoldSafari OrangeFrench Marigold
MarigoldSafari MixFrench Marigold
MarigoldSafari BoleroFrench Marigold
DianthusRockin PurpleDianthus
SnapdragonRocket RedSnapdragon
SnapdragonRocket MixSnapdragon
LobeliaRiviera Midnight BlueLobelia
LobeliaRegatta Marine BlueLobelia
AmaranthusRed Tails (Love Lies Bleeding)Tassel Flower
SalviaRed Hot Sally IISalvia
ColeusRainbow MixShade Coleus
ColeusRainbow MixColeus
ZinniaQueenyLime OrangeZinnia
Ammi majusQueen of AfricaQueen Anne's Lace
Statice Qis WhiteStatice
Gomphrena globosaQis PurpleGlobe Amaranth
Gomphrena globosaQis MixGlobe Amaranth
Statice Qis MixStatice
Celosia spictataPurple Flamingo FeatherWheat Celosia
ZinniaProfusion Double SalmonZinnia
Rudebeckia hirtaPrairie SunBlack Eyed Susan
ZinniaPop Art Golden RedZinnia
VincaPacifica Icy PinkVinca
VincaPacific Rose HaloVinca
VincaPacific Orchid DeepVinca
VincaPacific OrangeVinca
VincaPacific Dark RedVinca
VincaPacific CranberryVinca
VincaPacific Burgundy HaloVinca
Flowering CabbageOsaka MixFlowering Cabbage
VerbenaObsession MixVerbena
AlyssumNorth Face WhiteSweet Allysum
Gazania rigensNew Day YellowGazania
Gazania rigensNew Day Red ShadesGazania
Gazania rigensNew Day Pink ShadesGazania
Gazania rigensNew Day Orange Gazania
Gazania rigensNew Day BronzeGazania
Flowering Kale, FallNagoya MixFall Flowering Kale
NigellaMiss JekyllLove-in-a-Mist
ZinniaMini Cactus MixZinnia
LisianthusMermaid BlueLisianthus
VincaMediterranean WhiteVinca
VincaMediterranean PeachVinca
VincaMediterranean LilacVinca
Rudebeckia hirtaMayaBlack Eyed Susan
ZinniaMagellan YellowZinnia
ZinniaMagellan ScarletZinnia
ZinniaMagellan PinkZinnia
ZinniaMagellan OrangeZinnia
ZinniaMagellan MixZinnia
ZinniaMagellan CoralZinnia
PetuniaMadness YellowPetunia
PetuniaMadness WhitePetunia
PetuniaMadness SummerPetunia
PetuniaMadness RoyalPetunia
PetuniaMadness RedPetunia
PetuniaMadness Plum CrazyPetunia
PetuniaMadness PinkPetunia
PetuniaMadness MixDouble Petunia
PetuniaMadness MidnightPetunia
PetuniaMadness LilacPetunia
PetuniaMadness BurgundyPetunia
SnapdragonMadame ButterflySnapdragon
AmaranthusLotus RedTassel Flower
Begonia, FibrousLizzard LeafBegonia
CosmosLimara LemonCosmos
SalviaLighthouse RedSalvia
SalviaLighthouse Puprle Salvia
SnapdragonLiberty Classic MixSnapdragon
Flowering Kale, FallKamome RedFall Flowering Kale
NasturtiumJewel MixNasturtium
Rudebeckia hirtaIndian SummerBlack Eyed Susan
StockHot Cake MixStocks
AmaranthusHot BiscuitsTassel Amaranth
MarigoldHero YellowFrench Marigold
MarigoldHero SpryFrench Marigold
MarigoldHero OrangeFrench Marigold
MarigoldHero MixFrench Marigold
MarigoldHero HarmonyFrench Marigold
MarigoldHero GoldFrench Marigold
MarigoldHero BeeFrench Marigold
PortulacaHappy Hour MixMoss Rose
GomphocarpusHairy BallsBishop's Balls
Dahlberg DaisyGolden FleeceDahlberg Daisy
ZinniaGigantica MixZinnia
ColeusGiant Exhibition MixSun or Shade Coleus
ColeusGiant Exhibition MixShade Coleus
ZinniaGiant Cactus MixZinnia
Begonia, FibrousGekko GreenBegonia
PansyFrizzle Sizzle MixPansy
Salvia coccineaForest FireTexas Sage
LisianthusFlorida SilverLisianthus
SnapdragonFloral Showers MixSnapdragon
Celosia cristataFirst Flame MixCockscomb
GomphrenaFireworksGlobe Amaranth
MarigoldFireballFrench Marigold
DahliaFigaro MixDahlia
ColeusFestival DanceColeus
ColeusFestival DanceColeus
Salvia farinaceaFairy QueenMealy-Cup Sage
NasturtiumEmpress of IndiaNasturtium
LisianthusEcho Pure White Lisianthus
LisianthusEcho Pink PicoteeLisianthus
LisianthusEcho ChampagneLisianthus
PetuniaEasy Wave WhiteWave Petunia
PetuniaEasy Wave VioletWave Petunia
PetuniaEasy Wave Rose FusionWave Petunia
PetuniaEasy Wave RedWave Petunia
PetuniaEasy Wave Pink PassionWave Petunia
PetuniaEasy Wave Mix The FlagWave Petunia
PetuniaEasy Wave Mix FormulaWave Petunia
PetuniaEasy Wave Burgundy VelourWave Petunia
PetuniaEasy Wave BlueWave Petunia
AlyssumEaster Bonnet WhiteSweet Allysum
AlyssumEaster Bonnet Deep RoseSweet Allysum
AlyssumEaster Bonnet Deep PinkSweet Allysum
AmaranthusEarly SplendorJoseph's Coat
AsterDwarf Queen
ZinniaDreamland RedZinnia
Celosia cristataDragon's BreathCockscomb
Begonia, FibrousDraculaBegonia
CosmosDouble Click MixCosmos
MarigoldDiscovery YellowAfrican Marigold
MarigoldDiscovery OrangeAfrican Marigold
MarigoldDisco Yellow French Marigold
MarigoldDisco OrangeFrench Marigold
MarigoldDisco MariettaFrench Marigold
Rudebeckia hirtaDenver DaisyBlack Eyed Susan
ZinniaCut & Come Again MixZinnia
LobeliaCrystal PalaceLobelia
MarigoldCrackerjack YellowAfrican Marigold
CosmosCosmic YellowCosmos
CosmosCosmic OrangeCosmos
Flowering Kale, FallCoral QueenFall Flowering Kale
Flowering Kale, FallCoral PrinceFall Flowering Kale
Celosia cristataConcertina MixCockscomb
ColeusColor PrideSun Coleus
ColeusColor PrideColeus
ColeusChocolate MintColeus
ColeusChocolate MintColeus
ColeusChocolate Covered CherryColeus
ColeusChocolate Covered CherryShade Coleus
Rudebeckia hirtaCherry BrandyBlack Eyed Susan
Rudebeckia hirtaCherokee SunsetBlack Eyed Susan
MarigoldChedi OrangeAfrican Marigold
BrowalliaCascade Sky BlueBrowallia
AmaranthusCarnivalJoseph's Coat
GomphrenaCarmineGlobe Amaranth
VincaBushy One RedVinca
Verbena bonariensisBuenos AiresVerbena bonariensis
GomphrenaBuddy PurpleGlobe Amaranth
MarigoldBonanza FlameFrench Marigold
MarigoldBonanza BoleroFrench Marigold
AgeratumBlue HorizonFloss Flower
ColeusBlack DragonShade Coleus
ColeusBlack DragonShade Coleus
ZinniaBenary YellowZinnia
ZinniaBenary ScarletZinnia
ZinniaBenary RedZinnia
ZinniaBenary PurpleZinnia
ZinniaBenary PinkZinnia
ZinniaBenary MixZinnia
ZinniaBenary CoralZinnia
ImpatiensBeacon WhiteImpatiens
ImpatiensBeacon Violet ShImpatiens
ImpatiensBeacon SalmonImpatiens
ImpatiensBeacon RoseImpatiens
ImpatiensBeacon OrangeImpatiens
ImpatiensBeacon Mix FormulaImpatiens
ImpatiensBeacon CoralImpatiens
ImpatiensBeacon Bright RedImpatiens
AgeratumBass Lake MarinaFloss Flower
Rudebeckia hirtaAutumn ColorsBlack Eyed Susan
Celosia cristataArmor MixCockscomb
Celosia cristataAmigo Mahogany RedCockscomb
Begonia, FibrousAmbassador WhiteBegonia
Begonia, FibrousAmbassador ScarletBegonia
Begonia, FibrousAmbassador RoseBegonia
Begonia, FibrousAmbassador PinkBegonia
Phlox drummondii21st Century MixAnnual Phlox
Nicotiana sylvestrisFlowering Tobacco
Nicotiana langsdorffiiFlowering Tobacco
Bells of IrelandMoluccella laevis

Plant Availability

Plant availability at Sunnyfield changes throughout the season. Availability may change due to crop failures, cancellations, and sell-outs. These lists are provided for your reference and do not guarantee that plants will be available at all times throughout the season.